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Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Intelligent equipment manufacturing industry has become a new driver of economic development. Feiliks pioneer supply chain service updating in the manufacturing field, provides intelligent supply chain collaborative services of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics in the intelligent manufacturing field, and help manufacturing enterprises to grow both inside and outside.

Industrial Insights

1. Manufacturing industry is transforming towards intelligent manufacturing industry in an all-round way. Intelligent equipment manufacturing has huge market potential. Severe challenges of transformation and upgrading also exist in the supply chain management of traditional manufacturing enterprises.

2. Intelligent equipment manufacturing industry should establish a sound supply chain coordination system with a broader coverage.

3. Ensuring seamless connection with supply chain operation of intelligent equipment, and cooperating with intelligent supply chain management system can effectively improve the efficiency of supply chain operation.

4. Intelligent manufacturing and supply chain, as important factors to promote manufacturing industry reforms, integrate supply chain resources and give full play to the efficiency of logistics resources. They are crucial links in intelligent manufacturing.