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A Visit to Feiliks from Private Advisory Board of China Intelligent Warehousing Logistics Industrial Chain

On March 16, 2024, the special study activity of China Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise Private Advisory Board Alliance was successfully held in Feiliks, with the participation of representatives of nearly 40 manufacturing enterprises. Yao Qin, President of Feiliks Holdings, delivered a welcome speech to the board members for visits and communications, and accompanied the team to visit Feiliks’ digital exhibition hall and smart 3D warehouse, and observed the operation scene of the smart 3D warehouse.

Later, Feiliks shared the development trend of intelligent warehousing logistics industry. Feiliks actively promotes the construction of intelligent logistics, deeply integrates business scenarios with data and technology, and provides services to the intelligent manufacturing supply chain. Through the intelligent digital technologies, such as intelligent software and hardware, Internet of things, big data and so on, it gets closer to the actual business scenarios of customers, so as to improve their logistics efficiency and reduce operating costs, assisting them with stronger competitiveness in the market.

At last, the visitors conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around three themes of “How intelligent logistics can improve the efficiency of supply chain of manufacturing enterprises? How intelligent manufacturing enterprises can empower the development of digital intelligence in logistics industry? And the challenges and solutions of ecological alliance’s joint efforts in supply chain”, to promote the deep integration and innovation of logistics industry and manufacturing industry, strive to build a logistics ecology primarily driven by digitalization and intelligence with science and technology and technological innovation as the engine, and help manufacturing enterprises improve the efficiency of supply chain management. In the face of the complex and changing global market environment, implement the joint efforts strategy by building an ecological alliance, and cooperate with the supply chain to cope with changes and look for opportunities. Feiliks will join hands with more intelligent manufacturing enterprises to create the new momentum for digitalization of manufacturing industry.

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