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Congratulations! Feiliks was Awarded “Excellent Innovation Case in Automotive Logistics Industry” by CFLP

On November 16, the “2023 Annual Meeting of Automotive Logistics Industry” hosted by the Automotive Logistics Branch of CFLP was successfully held in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Feiliks was awarded the honour of “Excellent Innovation Case in Automotive Logistics Industry”.

The award-winning case is Starting from the “Core” – Exploring the Logistics Mode of Automotive Chip Warehouse, which refers to a chip warehouse established by Feiliks according to the characteristics of automotive chips, with customized reasonable ESD control scheme and scientific management mode, improving the traditional automotive chip logistics mode which causes damage to chips, and thus promoting the overall level of chip management.

This award marks another solid step and breakthrough for Feiliks in the automotive industry.

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