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Rapidly Responding to Customer Requirements, Feiliks Supply Chain Solutions Facilitated Logistics Upgrade of the Fast-moving Consumer Goods Brand

Feiliks became the logistics service provider of a famous fast-moving consumers goods (food) brand in 2018, providing warehousing and distribution services specifically.

Feiliks reformed and adjusted the logistics management mode together with the customer, standardized operation process, optimized allocation of resources, and solved the pain points such as delayed delivery, lost receipts, unqualified customer signatures, delayed return orders and so on, improving its logistics quality quickly.

With the help of Feiliks transportation network resources and professional supply chain management capabilities, the enterprise built a more developed service chain of fast-moving consumer goods. Feiliks’ standardized operation, customer-centered service awareness and strong emergency response capability was highly recognized by the consignee. We not only improved the customer brand image, the customer market shares also increased during cooperation with us, which has truly realized Feiliks’ customer reality through good service quality. Now the commitment of brand value promotion. Feiliks really realized its promise to enhance brand value for customers through good service quality.