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Feiliks Was Awarded “2023 Contract Logistics Key Recommended Enterprises”

On December 23, the 15th Annual Conference on Manufacturing and Logistics, hosted by China Communications and Transportation Association Logistics Technology and Equipment Specialized Committee, was held grandly in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

At the innovation results release ceremony, the organizer released a number of awards such as “2023 Contract Logistics Key Recommended Enterprises”, and Feiliks was on the list.

As a pioneer enterprise of intelligent logistics, Feiliks continues to accelerate the construction of intelligent logistics, deeply integrates business scenarios with data and technology, and serves the intelligent manufacturing supply chain. Taking warehouse as the point, transport as the line, and network as the surface, it connects the upstream and downstream of the whole supply chain, to continuously provide constructive solutions for manufacturing enterprises, including admission logistics comprehensive integrated solutions, upstream and downstream integration of segments, transport network planning for finished products and spare parts, as well as domestic and international transport, etc., so as to facilitate customers to gain a stronger competitive ability in the market.

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