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Future Electronics Team Visits Feiliks’ Headquarters

On February 28, 2024, Future Electronics’ Vice President of Global Operations, Vice President of Asia-Pacific Operations, and Operation Manager visited Feiliks’s headquarter for a site visit. Feiliks’s Chairman Yao Qin led the reception and accompanied the tour. Future Electronics and his team visited Feiliks’s digital showroom and intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, observed on-site the operation scene of the three-dimensional intelligent warehouse, and understood the application of intelligent logistics technology. MR.AJ, Vice President of Global Operations of Future Electronics, said that he visited Shenzhen Feiliks last year, and this time when he visited the headquarters of Feiliks, he was deeply impressed by the achievements of Feiliks in the use of intelligent logistics technology, and thanked the Feiliks team for providing satisfactory integrated supply chain services for Future Electronics, hoping that both parties can further deepen the cooperation in the future.

Future Electronics is a globally renowned distributor of electronic components. As early as 2021, Feiliks Southern China and Future Electronics discussed cooperation matters, and in March 2023, the Future Electronics CBW project was officially launched for operation in Feiliks Southern China, and the project warehouse became Future Electronics’s second largest warehouse in the Asia Pacific region.
The visit of Future Electronics’ senior management to Feiliks headquarters allowed both parties to have more in-depth discussions on the basis of the existing cooperation, laying a good foundation for a wider scope of cooperation with each other in the future.

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