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New Honour in the New Year┃Feiliks Was Awarded “Excellent Supply Chain for Brand Going Abroad”

On January 18, 2024, Feiliks was awarded the honour of “Excellent Supply Chain for Brand Going Abroad” in the “GO LOG” 2024. The event was organized by Yunlian Think Tank, with nearly 100 logistics companies participating, and Feiliks stood out from the rest. The award is a recognition of Feiliks’s efforts to expand its logistics network in new foreign markets and provide excellent international logistics services.

After nearly 30 years of development, Feiliks has more than 100 branch offices and more than 1 million square meters of warehousing area at home and abroad, has the overseas service network covering 65+ countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America, South America, etc., the business field covering automobile and parts, new energy, electronic information manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing equipment and other industries, and can provide overseas customers with overseas warehousing, forward and reverse logistics, after-sales quality service solutions, international sea, air, land and sea-rail intermodal transport and other supply chain services to help Chinese brands go to sea.

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